"The Costa Rica trip changed my life for the better. Learning about the environment, the culture, and how to live life by “Pura Vida” helped me learn what really is important in life.  I learned that stressing out about school, tests, and sports is unnecessary in the big picture of life."

~ Ellie - Student April 2018 


"My 14 yr old daughter went on the spring 2018 trip and has not stopped talking about the things she did and learned about the culture, ecosystem, wildlife and communities. Fully chaperoned, no electronics, encouragement to speak Spanish and write in journals nightly; an amazing experience which included zip lining, service at an orphanage and wildlife restoration project, encouragement to taste the local cuisine and they even had time to enjoy the beautiful Costa Rican beach. I highly recommend this tour group- although I’d like to keep them a secret to ensure a spot on future trips for my other daughter!! "

- Kirsten N. - Mother to student - april 2018


"I am truly honored to have been part of Learning Adventure Tours group to Costa Rica! And man, oh man, was this trip was incredible!! Kenneth and Tisha showed us the past, present, and future of this beautiful country. We stayed in the jungle for a few nights, and stayed in a beach town for the remaining and we saw everything in-between. From hiking, night tours, zip-linging(!!!!), and authentic costa rican meals, to ecology, biology, and conservation efforts, this trip was (no joke) life-changing.

Kenneth and Tisha are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient, all with smiles and laughter! If you ever have the opportunity to travel with these two, DO IT!!"

-Kiry L - March 2017


"This was truly THE BEST travel experience of my life. I have been to Mexico many times even driving through the Yucatan Peninsula. I’ve done Hawaii, France, the Canadian Rockies, the Alaskan wilderness, and all over the USA. This trip was life changing and the group of people became new friends and family. Even more was/is to appreciate the diversity in all of us,  to know that as we came back to the USA, we were ALL Americans in this time of upheaval in American History. Keep up the excellent enjoyable work you are doing. Not only are you making a difference in the world, you are planting seeds in each of us to go home and do the same.

Much, Much Love and Blessings on your journey!"

-Dana P - March 2017



"We had the pleasure of having this dynamic duo lead us on an adventure that we will never forget! From the breathtaking views of Arenal Volcano, relaxing in the natural hot springs of EcoTermales in beautiful La Fortuna, a guided night tour, safari river float, an exhilarating zip lining adventure, a visit with our friends at Altrus Wildlife Sanctuary, and a very special day spent with Kenneth's family in his home town of San Isidro - where we learned all about the amazing plans for the future of their wildlife retreat! Each day was filled with a nice balance of learning, adventure and just pure fun! It helps that Kenneth and Tisha are so passionate about what they do and it shows! They guided us through every destination with kindness, professionalism and care. I will forever be grateful for the lasting memories. Cheers to mi familia .

Thank you to Tisha and Kenneth for planning such an amazing trip!"

-Chanthy T- March 2017


"You guys are superheroes, somehow managing to be sweet and confident, all the while dealing with our group (like herding cats) as well as driving the whole time! You guys are wonderful and made the experience a life changing one. Love you guys!"

melena W - March 2017



"Kenneth was recommended as a great wildlife tour guide to me through a family friend. Kenneth speaks excellent English, is passionate about his conservation work, and knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. I highly recommend him as a tour guide!"

-Heather F- July 2016


"My husband and I met Kenneth during a night reptile tour in Costa Rica. I had a cold and it had been raining all day-so our tropical vacation from the Pacific NW was feeling a little disappointing. We ended up being the only other people on the tour and look back on it as a major highlight and turning point of the trip. Kenneth was exceptionally personable, knowledgeable and excited about his work. His enthusiasm and pride about the conservation efforts of his company were palpable. His tour felt fresh and like he was excitedly showing his friends his back yard-not always the case on a paid tour. Thank you for the great memories and PHOTOS!"

-Karen S- June 2016


"Kenneth is an incredibly passionate and very knowledgeable guide in his native country of Costa Rica! We were so lucky to meet him! 
His sense of humor and love for nature makes him an outstanding tour guide!
He took us on the tour of our life in beautiful Costa Rica......remote waterfalls with deep blue swimming holes, natural hot springs, fishing, home made traditional Costa Rica meals, along with sharing his knowledge of the land and every animal and insect that lives there, and we even we able to spot the ever elusive quetzal bird.
We can't way to return!"
-Bob and Cathy Huitikka
British Columbia, Canada