Learning Adventure Tours Prides itself by making a difference in the lives we touch. Not only with our guests, but in the local projects and communities,  we work with in Costa Rica.   

We set the bar high, from our safety first approach, smaller group sizes, conservation projects that have a long lasting impact on the communities our groups touch, superior 24 hour customer service by the owners personally, to the carefully thought out itineraries.

We work with local farmers that we know personally, and local communities to ensure your experience is always one that will have a lasting impact- whether it is hands on experience with local conservation efforts, spending time in local communities, a cooking class at a locals home, helping local scientists/naturalists on a project, or planting a tree  - We believe by experiencing it, people will truly understand the impact that we can make in our world.

With our safety first mindset, passion, knowledge and commitment–  we know that this will be an amazing, life changing experience for all of our guests- It will not only help you grow individually and see the world with another perspective, but you will learn about another one of our many different cultures in our world-- while also being a part of amazing “Learning Adventure”




Visiting a local coffee farm & learning about the different layers of a coffee bean




Visiting a local aboriginal meleku tribe member learning about their culture and beliefs.




teaching a local Tica how to mold a stepping stone.