Zip Lining through the canopy in La Fortuna

Fly like a bird on a Zip Line through the tree tops.

Your tour will start with a trip up the mountain in a Gondola or Sky Tram. There is an amazing observation area with fantastic views of the lush canopy. From there we will get a real “birds eye” view as we take 7 zip lines down the mountainside stretching across canyons and in between treetops all the way down to the bottom of the mountain. So much fun…

Sky Tram: 4100 ft. (1250 m.)

Zip Lines: 7

The longest cable is 2493 ft. (760 m.)

The highest cable is 656 ft. (200 m.)

Duration: 2.5 Hour Tour

Located in the Rain Forest

Average Temperature: 82 °F. (28 °C.)

Altitude: 2460 ft. (750 m.)

What is included? 

Transportation from and to the hotel, Zip line activity fee

What to bring?

Small Backpack, Hiking shoes or tennis shoes (closed toed only), comfortable clothes, lightweight jacket or raincoat, sunscreen, insect repellent


High intensity activity not recommended for people with any kind of medical problem.

Minimum height 120cm (3’11’’)

Maximum weight 136 kg (300 lb.)

Duration: 2.5 hours not including driving time.